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Stephen Whitby is Indus Rush, the name he uses as the vehicle to release his music. After Years travelling as a child, Steve now reflects upon some of the stories, relationships and experiences and journeys he went through, and puts them into the catchy songs he creates in his Dalbeattie studio in south west Scotland. Steve is a Londoner by birth, though he's lost the accent to an extent. After 10 years in the Netherlands, 20 in Thailand, and having lived 3 years in Pakistan as a child, Steve's heavily influenced by a World culture, as is plainly audible in his music. As a child Steve listened to the great Bands and producers of the 60's, 70's and 80's including the Beach Boys and Brian Wilson and George Martin and the Beatles, and many others such as the Kinks, the Small Faces, Kayak and Klaatu.

Whist in Thailand Steve played with many great musicians including Adrian Fisher (Sparks guitarist famous for the lick in "This Town Ain't Big Enough...), Hans Vermeulen of Sandy Coast and producer of Stars on 45, Jaap de Jonckheere from Urban Heroes (NL), G Carlsberg of Herman Broods Wild Romance (NL), Matt Kelly (The Grateful Dead, Kingfish & New Riders of the Purple Sage) Wolfgang Rohde (Die Toten Hosen) (D), and John 'Sparko' Sparks (GB) of Dr Feelgood.

Steve likes to mix and mash the many styles of music that have influenced him over the years and tries to come up with a unique style combining many genres. Having played guitar and bass primarily, Steve now uses a lot of synths in combination with his primary instruments, as this enables him to get the production results he loves. The second album "Himalayan Suite & Other Tales" is going to be even more varied than the first, and is set for release on Sept 29th 2017.


From the home of innovative pop music - Nub Music - comes the new Album from Indus Rush. 'Himalayan Suite and Other Tales' is a atmospheric, poetic collection of songs that draw you into  an evocative place of exotic sounds, melancholy and brilliant pop. Capturing Steve's battle with serious illness, this musical journey takes the listener from Beach Boys style pop to asian trance.

"Another great track from Indus Rush who hail from Scotland. Wonderfully produced with glittering synths, sparkling electric rhythms and an emotive lead vocal." End Of Empire
Indus Rush
Himalayan Suite and Other Tales 
Nub Music 
12 November 2017
Press Release: Indus Rush / Himalayan Suite & Other Tales
Stephen Whitby releases his second Indus Rush album on Nub Music; Himalayan Suite & Other Tales, a work of mixed genres, is made up of a concept piece capturing the atmosphere and marvel of the mighty Himalayas, interspersed with a collection of more commercial pop songs. Steve was forced into writing instrumental music over the last year through illness. In October 2016, Steve was diagnosed with throat cancer, in the voice box area of the larynx, and as a result, spent the rest of that year in and out of Hospital undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiography treatment.
The songs and music reflect the low and high points of Steve’s experience. The opening track, “Himalayan Suite Parts 1 & 2” describes the vibrant life and dreams of a young boy sheltering from a storm in a beached up boat, dreaming of a storm in the Himalayas. He drifts off and hey presto: we’re off to India and the Himalayas. Steve’s low point of his treatment, going into Hospital for the first time, is evident in the track “Himalayan Suite – Red Sky”. This was written on the Garageband app. on an iPad on the hospital bed at Western General, Edinburgh.
Happier tracks start to follow and “Himalayan Suite – Mountainscape” starts to change the mood halfway through it as some wonderful sax playing by Bjorn Dahlberg takes the mood from dark to light. “Himalayan Suite – Appointment in Samara” and “Himalayan Suite – Annapurna” lighten the mood with some great synth orchestrations in modern electronic genres intertwined with each other, creating an overall effect of relaxation and imagination for the listener.
The final track is the only track where Steve dared to add any vocal after his cancer treatment. “Himalayan Suite – The Silk Road” takes us through the mountains and heading back west towards Europe, and in our child’s dream, back to a warm sleep in his beached up nest. Of course the vocal is not perfect, as you would expect after the horrors of radiotherapy, but Steve wanted to let people hear what the effects are, and use them to add to the atmosphere of the song, the altitude, the coldness and loneliness of those vast mountains.
The songs interspersed throughout include the singles “Waterfall Dance”, and “Romany days”, as well as four other tracks written before the onslaught of cancer. These tracks include the Political anti Jihadi song “Lost Quarter”, the slow string quartet tune, “Claire”, a Booker T esque “Pink Garlic”, and the tribute to Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys, “Encinitas Break”. Why are they interspersed? Steve wanted to make the album more interesting by separating the Himalayan concept tracks, hopefully keeping the listener interested.
Steve’s peers on Soundcloud have been praising this album with comments such as: “ Beautiful and dramatic track! Piano sounds are so impressive! “ and “awesome combination of different surprising styles of dance music! Nice work! “ on “Annapurna”,  “interesting and catchy layer-work”, on “Red Sky”, and  “really love the Indian musical elements here - a fresh approach!!!” and “Great work! “ on Himalayan Suite 1 & 2”.
Steve is now well on the way to total recovery and hopefully the next album will not be as long coming, and without any dramas to delay it.

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